Catholic perspectives on climate change and our responsibility to care for creation.

December 20th, 2015

Progress in prosecuting liability of oil and mining companies: Nigeria

Catholic priest Father Edward Obi helps investigate the situation in Nigeria A Dutch appeals court ruled on Friday that Royal Dutch Shell can be held liable foroil spills at its subsidiary in Nigeria, potentially opening the way for other compensation claims against the multinational. Judges in The Hague ordered Shell to make available to the […]

December 19th, 2015

Corruption and wealth is paid for by the poor, says Pope Francis

The damage of corruption, by the «economic, political or ecclesiastical corrupt” is paid by the poor. And you have to be careful because «we are all tempted by corruption» a sin that is always lurking. «The only way» to win «the sin of corruption» is «to serve others that purifies the heart». Pope Francis continues […]

December 19th, 2015

Laudato si’ as a school of thought: the Catholic community is moving in unison to take leadership on the issue of ecology, as “an issue of social justice”

Cross-posted from The Vatican Insider.  See link for the full article on Filipino and Federation of Asian Bishops call for a special office for climate change in the Episcopal Office of every Asian nation. The spirit, in harmony with Francis, is to contribute, as an ecclesial community, to a “collective discernment,” which can then be […]

December 19th, 2015

Inconvenient Truths from Paris

The Paris Agreement has deftly crafted language to ensure that no legislative approval is required for its ratification by USA – the world’s oldest democracy and most powerful nation and the world’s second largest polluter but has the highest historical responsibility for about 28% of the cumulative emissions and global warming since 1750. China is […]

December 18th, 2015

Critical yeast, critical time

Cross-posted from Global Sisters Report.  See full reflection at this link. I sometimes think that, as a general rule, we are at risk of becoming paralyzed by what Pope John Paul II called the “supposed impossibility of changing the world” (Reconciliatio et Paenitentia #16) Yes, the world seems to be more and more in crisis. Yes, […]

December 18th, 2015

More and more mobilizing against coal, in 2015 — from Thailand to closure of the 200th plant since 2010 in the US

While the divestment movement has grown 50-fold, according to analysis released earlier this fall, some of the most important accomplishments this year were mobilizations in Africa and Asia (and closure of the 200th coal plant since 2010 in the US), said John Coequyt, the Sierra Club’s director of international climate campaigns.  “We often find ourselves in […]

December 18th, 2015

Violence in Burundi, and Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy: Can the Year of Mercy help overcome the indifference of the international community to the violence and political turmoil in Burundi?

Burundi is bleeding. Yet it seems no one is paying attention, while those with the capacity to help restore peace are occupied with other priorities; especially Burundi’s neighbors, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last weekend, the country experienced one of the worst episodes of violence since the current political crisis broke out […]

December 17th, 2015

CYNESA expands in 2015

CYNESA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that brings together young people from different parts of Africa to work on environmental sustainability in the continent. CYNESA’s mission is to help young Catholics in sub-Saharan Africa – their movements and communities, individually and with their colleagues – to respond to the twin challenges of environmental degradation and […]

December 17th, 2015

#PopeInKenya: His Unspoken, Yet Delivered Speeches

By David N. Munene, Programs Manager, CYNESA Kenya The evening of Wednesday 25th November 2015, remains indelible in the Kenyan, and indeed, the African history. It marked the end of speculation about Africa and Kenya’s capacity and capability to host (probably) the only person with the biggest fellowship in the entire world, His Holiness Pope Francis […]

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