Our Board of Directors

Top (left to right): Tomás Insua, Michel Roy, John O’Shaughnessy. Bottom (left to right): Msgr Josef Sayer, Amy Woolam Echeverria, Yeb Saño, Amanda Hanley. Not pictured: Lorna Gold.

  • Michel Roy

    Secretary General, Caritas Internationalis (Vatican City)

  • Amy Woolam Echeverria

    JPIC International Coordinator, Missionary Society of St. Columban (United States)

  • Yeb Saño

    Executive Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Philippines)

  • Amanda Hanley

    Director, Hanley Foundation (United States)

  • Monsignor Josef Sayer

    Former Director, Misereor (Germany)

  • John O’Shaughnessy

    CFO, Franciscan Sisters of Mary (United States)

  • Lorna Gold

    Director of Policy, Trocaire (Ireland)

  • Tomás Insua (ex officio)

    Executive Director, GCCM; Research Fellow, Harvard University (Argentina)