Live Laudato Si

Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology and climate change, Laudato Si’, is a profound invitation to everyone on the planet to care for our common home. One year on, we thank Pope Francis for his call to protect the gift of God’s creation. Now, it’s time to truly live Laudato Si’.

Putting the encyclical into action can be simple. We must shift away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable sources of energy. We can consume less. Waste less by introducing energy conservation and efficiency measures. From light bulbs and recycling to putting up solar panels and putting down our car keys, let’s share our stories with others to inspire our whole Catholic family to take good care of creation for future generations. Everyone can live Laudato Si. Let’s live simply – together.


Tell us how you will #LiveLaudatoSi



  1. On a piece of paper write or type out how you are planning to live Laudato Si.
  2. Make sure you include the hashtag #LiveLaudatoSi at the bottom. (You can also download this sign template).
  3. Ask someone to take a picture of you with the sign.
  4. Email this picture to [email protected] and/or
  5. Tweet it out or send it via Instagram using #LiveLaudatoSi as your hashtag.
  6. Rest in the satisfaction of showing the world how Laudato Si is coming to life!


    • Pope Francis has invited us to #LiveLaudatoSi by caring for Our Common Home. This is what I can do
    • I am inspired by the Pope’s words asking us all to care for creation. Here is how I choose to #LiveLaudatoSi
    • To #LiveLaudatoSi is to follow the words of #PopeFrancis and live in a way that that benefits our world and climate



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Take More Action



• 17% of the world’s population is Catholics.
• There are 1.2 billion Catholics on Earth.
• There are 95,200 Catholic elementary schools worldwide.
• There are 43,800 Catholic secondary schools worldwide.
• There are 221,700 Catholic parishes worldwide.
• There are 10,100 Catholic orphanages worldwide.
• There are 5,200 Catholic hospitals worldwide.
• There are 3,600 Catholic Abbys and Monasteries worldwide.
• It is estimated that the Catholic church controls 177,000,000 acres of land.


Imagine if our Catholic family fully committed to living Laudato Si!