Welcome Guide for New Member Organizations

Thank you for joining the Global Catholic Climate Movement and our global network of member organizations!

As one of GCCM’s organizational partners, you play an essential role in helping us educate and mobilize the Catholic community on Pope Francis’ call to care for creation. To learn more about our 2017 priorities and ways you can get involved, visit our 2017 Calendar of Events.

After officially joining as a partner in our signup form, here are ways to celebrate your new membership with GCCM and help spread the word in our Catholic family:

1)Announce the partnership news

Share with your networks that you joined GCCM: share it on social media using these sharable banners and draft a press release, blog post or announcement to share in your networks (see example of Caritas Canada / Development and Peace).


2)Encourage your Network to Go Green

The Eco-Parish Guide helps Catholic parishes reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by taking action in relation to parish operations, the congregation, and the broader community.



3)Ask your Institution to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Catholic institutions are divesting from fossil fuel companies and reinvesting in renewable energy as a response to Laudato Si’. Ask your diocese and local Catholic institutions (religious orders, universities, etc) to take this important step:



4)Share the Laudato Si’ message.

Host a talk, conference or study group about the Laudato Si’ encyclical, using our encyclical resources.


5)Ask Catholic news outlets to write about GCCM

Contact Catholic newspapers, magazines, and TV or radio stations, to write about your activities related to care for creation and our ongoing campaigns (you could send them our Press page link: www.catholicclimatemovement.global/press). Would also be great if you could send us your press contacts so we make sure they get our press releases (or let us know if you prefer to forward our press releases directly to them).


6)Invite other Catholic organizations to join GCCM

We are always looking to expand our network, so we would appreciate if you could introduce us to other Catholic organizations in your city or country (such as religious congregations, faith-based NGOs, diocesan Justice and Peace offices, educational institutions, Caritas agencies, etc). Just send an introductory email for us (see contact information below) and we can follow up.


7)Stay updated on our movement’s campaigns

Check our monthly email newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


8)Share your resources with the movement

Our Resources Hub compiles lots of resources on Laudato Si’, caring for creation, or climate change. Please share any resources that your organization has developed through this form.


Questions or ideas? We are always happy to discuss ways to better collaborate. Please contact us: