FAQs: Being a Catholic Lead for the People’s Climate March

Being a Catholic Lead for the People’s Climate March

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What does it mean for me to be a Catholic Lead?

The role of the Catholic Lead is to help mobilize Catholics in their city to join local People’s Climate March mobilizations on April  29.

Will I be doing this alone?

No, we will connect you with other individuals and organizations who have also signed up as Catholic leads and who will form with you a local Catholic coordination group. We will also connect you with the group organizing the mobilization in your city. You will also be invited to join weekly calls with other Catholic leads from around the world to share ideas, resources, and update.

What are some of the things I will need to do as a Catholic lead?

Your most important role is to reach out to other local Catholics to encourage them to join the march through our parish, diocese, Catholic organization, as well as your personal network.

Catholic leads are also encouraged to reach out to their local bishop to endorse the march by issuing a statement or making a brief video clip that can be disseminated publicly.

Will other people contact me?

We will be including your name and email on our People’s Climate March webpage and mobilization map. If you prefer that your name not be listed please let us know.

Do I need to have experience doing something like this?

No, just the desire to serve in this important capacity. We are developing resources to help you every step of the way along with other resources that you can use.

What resources will be available?

Template emails to send to bishops, parishes, other individuals, bulletin announcements, signs and banners to carry during the march, and other suggested activities.

What if I have further questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you might have. Please email Marisa Vertrees at [email protected]

I’m ready to be a Catholic lead. Where do I sign up?

Awesome! You can sign up here. Thanks!

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