Toolkit to Promote the Catholic Climate Petition

Get inspired by fellow Catholics around the world: pictures.

The Catholic Climate Petition is an important way for the Catholic community to show that we stand together with Pope Francis in caring for our common home. Help us collect signatures to present to local, regional, and world leaders to encourage them to take bold action on climate change.

Para obtener recursos para promover la petición en español , haga clic aquí.

For a step-by-step guide on how to organize a petition drive in your parish or community, download the petition toolkit here:

Catholic Climate Petition Toolkit

Just the basics:

For Individuals

  1. Share the video “The Pope’s Call to Defend Mother Earth”share on Facebook or share the YouTube link
    Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.58.08 PM
  2. Share on social media any of the graphic banners found here.
  3. Invite your friends and family to sign online by sending them the links of the petition ( and video ( through a personalized message (via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook) or email.
  4. Contact your parish asking them to promote the petition with the ideas below, and offer yourself as a volunteer to help them.

For Parishes or Organizations 

Petition Drive at St. Anthony Shrine, Boston, USA

Petition Drive at St. Anthony Shrine, Boston, USA

  1. Use these sample mass and bulletin announcements to advertise your petition drive.
  2. Show this 2 minute video after mass of “The Pope’s Call to Mobilize: Petition & Global Climate March”
    1.  YouTube:
    2. Downloadable file (for events or parish announcements)
  3. Set up a petition stand at the parish entrance (as in the picture above). Here are some elements you can display:
    – Flyer or poster of Pope Francis signing the petition (Spanish)
    – Laptop (if you have good wifi connection) showcasing the GCCM homepage for people to sign online
    – Print these Petition sheets (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Youth version, English-editable (feel free to add your logo to this version of the petition) and start collecting!
  4. Share on social media the video or any of the banners found here.

To reach out to local Bishops

  1. Here is a Sample letter to send to your Bishop.
  2. Bring this list of Cardinals and Bishops who have endorsed the petition (download list of endorsements on webpage)
  3. After the Bishop has signed the petition (congratulations!), ask him to take a picture with this sign (English and Spanish) and send it to us so we can post it on our endorsement page!

Other Helpful Resources

For College students

You can see some ideas here.

For Youth

You can see some ideas here (coming soon!)

Please send us pictures and stories of your successful petition campaigning to [email protected]