#Pray4cop21 prayer chain

“I was disappointed by the lack of courage. Let’s hope that in Paris the delegates will be more courageous and will move forward with climate action.” (Pope Francis)

“Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

In December world leaders will meet in the COP21 Paris Climate Summit of the U.N., to sign a climate change treaty. The COP21 will be a crucial and historic event. Let’s pray for them to have courage and put into practice the Pope’s Laudato Si message.

Sign up to pray during any 1 hour time slot that works for you. You could pray the rosary, attend Eucharistic adoration, celebrate a special mass, host a prayer vigil, etc (if you belong to a religious congregation or a parish with perpetual adoration, please sign up here).


NOTES (about the registration with the form above):

  • You are asked to “Set your current time” for us to determine your time zone; in the next step you have the calendar to pick your time slots. 
  • In the calendar, the colors of the boxes mean the following:
    – Dark Grey: someone already signed up.
    – White: nobody signed up yet, week day.
    – Light Grey: nobody signed up yet, weekend day.
    – Yellow: just a reference that it’s midday.



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