Our Steering Committee

Top (left to right): Danny Sheehan, Fr John Leydon, Allen Ottaro, Marie Venner, Patrick Carolan, Verna Rainers. Middle (left to right): Dan Misleh, Sara Nelson, Jacqui Remond, Sr Sheila Kinsey, Amy Woolam Echeverria. Bottom (left to right): Tomás Insua, Br Ben Ayodi, Lou Arsenio, Marianne Comfort, Christina Leaño, Dan Hale, Ciara Shannon. Not pictured: Bp. Allwyn D’Silva, Ann Marie Brennan, Bill Patenaude, Gabriel López Santamaría, John Mundell, Pablo Canziani, Fr Pedro Walpole.

  • Allen Ottaro

    Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (Kenya)

  • Bp. Allwyn D’Silva

    Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (India)

  • Amy Woolam Echeverria

    Missionary Society of St. Columban (Columban Missionaries), International JPIC

  • Ann Marie Brennan

    Christian Life Community (United States/ International)

  • Bill Patenaude

    CatholicEcology.net (United States)

  • Br Benedict Ayodi

    Curia Generale of OFM Capuchins, JPIC Office (Italy/Kenya)

  • Ciara Shannon

    GreenFaith (Asia)

  • Dan Misleh

    Catholic Climate Covenant (United States)

  • Dan Hale

    CAFOD (UK)

  • Danny Sheehan

Romero Institute (United States)

  • Fr. John Leydon, SSC

Missionary Society of St Columban (Philippines / Ireland)

  • Fr Pedro Walpole

    EcoJesuit (Philippines)

  • Gabriel López Santamaría OFS

    Paz y Bien (Spain)

  • Jacqui Remond

    Catholic Earthcare Australia (Australia)

  • John Mundell

Focolare Movement (United States/ International)

  • Lou Arsenio

    Archdiocese of Manila (Philippines)

  • Marianne Comfort

    Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (United States)

  • Marie Venner

    Personal capacity (United States)

  • Mauricio López

    Caritas Ecuador & REPAM – Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (Ecuador)

  • Pablo Canziani

    Catholic Action Argentina & CONICET (Argentina)

  • Patrick Carolan

    Franciscan Action Network (United States)

  • Sara Nelson

Romero Institute (United States)

  • Sr. Sheila Kinsey

JPIC Commission of USG/UISG (Rome)

  • Verna Rainers

    Catholic Welfare and Development (South Africa)