Turning Laudato Si into Action at Your University

As college students are on the cusp of inheriting the world being handed down to them by the powers that be, we have a powerful voice that world leaders understand to be representative of the next generation. The Catholic Climate Petition is aimed at sending this message to those participating in the Paris Climate Change Conference this December. Pope Francis has endorsed the petition which already has over 200,000 signatures, and promoting the petition on your college campus and through social media will increase this number.

Here’s a video to inspire you into action…


Act Now

  • Collect signatures after a mass. Ask the priest or campus ministry representative if you can make a short announcement after mass and or put a note in the bulletin. Set up a table at the back of the Church where people can sign and get more information about signing online and passing it on.
  • Promote the petition through student clubs and organizations with intersecting interests such as those concerned with the environment, social justice, food justice, Ignatian spirituality, and campus ministry through their email listserves, events, and meetings.
  • Show the petition to professors who might be interested and ask if they could send it to their students.
  • Set up a table in a highly trafficked place where students can hear about the petition and then sign.
  • Share the petition on Facebook, twitter, and other forms of social media using any of these banners or videos and using #CatholicClimatePetition. Like us on Facebook.



  • Use this email template as a way to explain and promote the petition:

Dear *group name*,

Please do your part to care for the environment and the poor and vulnerable most affected by climate change by signing the Global Catholic Climate Movement Petition which has been endorsed by Pope Francis and already has over 200,000 signatures. Together, a billion mobilized Catholics have the power to send a strong message to our world leaders that we demand commitment to caring for our common home. This November in Paris leaders in government, technology, and business will meet to discuss what can be done to combat climate change. Petition signatures will be delivered at the forum so please respond to Pope Francis’ call to action by passing along the petition to your school community.

Specifically the petition calls for cutting carbon emissions enough to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees C, which gives a concrete demand to world leaders. Be in solidarity with our Catholic brothers and sisters who will march on the streets of Paris hours before the summit by offering your prayers and signature.

Thank you for responding to Pope Francis’ call to care for our common home and standing with our brothers and sisters in Christ most affected by climate change.

Let us know how it goes so we can share your success stories with other college students! Email us at [email protected]


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