Webinar: “Laudato Si’ & Catholic Investing: Moving Forward”


The international conference “Laudato Si & Catholic Investing: Clean Energy for Our Common​ Home”, which took place in late January at Pontifical Lateran University, featured many expert speakers and Catholic case studies who demonstrated that fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment are both possible and necessary. Catholic institutions are called to use their financial investments to “put an end to the fossil fuel era and provide renewable energy access for all,” as the Catholic Bishops of all continents have called.

This webinar, which took place on March 23, 2017, is a follow up to the conference, meant for those who couldn’t attend the conference and for colleagues from conference participants who would like to learn more about this important issue. Webinar speakers reviewed the key concepts about the Divest-Invest cause and shared how Catholic institutions can take concrete steps to care for our common home through their investments.

Due to technical problems, the first fifteen minutes could not be included.



  • “A Recap of the Rome Conference: The Urgency and the Justice Cases to Divest-Invest”
    Cliona Sharkey, Policy Officer at Trocaire
  • “Divest-Invest: A Financial Perspective”
    Ian Halstead, Senior Investment Analyst at L&P Services
  • “What’s next: Catholic Joint Divestment Announcement on May 5”
    Cecilia Dall’Oglio, ‎Laudato Si’ Programs Coordinator at GCCM.
  • Moderator: Lorna Gold, Director of Policy at Trocaire



If you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Dall’Oglio at [email protected]