Praying for care of creation

August 31, 2016

Catholics will celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on 1st September, and many bishops are calling for celebration of a Time of Creation or Season of Creation, 1 Sept – 4 Oct, as has already been celebrated on some continents, including Australia and Europe, for the past decade.

This year, Francis called for “a change that unites us all” in a video project from the pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

“Believers and unbelievers agree that the Earth is our common heritage, the fruits of which should benefit everyone,” Francis says in the video. “However, what is happening in the world that we live in?”

“The relationship between poverty and the fragility of the planet requires another way of managing the economy and measuring progress, conceiving a new way of living. Because we need a change that unites us all,” the pope says.

Prayer services around the world are posted online at  Links to resources for events are available below.