Save the Date: 2020 Plans

January 7, 2020

2020: Celebrate and accelerate

Global Catholic Climate Movement will celebrate its fifth anniversary in January 2020.

We’ve achieved a lot together over the past five years. From the incredible Laudato Si’ Animator corps to Catholic institutions’ becoming the single-largest source of commitments in the global divestment movement, the GCCM network has made great things happen. With thanks to the Holy Spirit, we’re seeing Laudato Si’ come to life.

But the climate catastrophe is relentless. A crisis of this magnitude demands we step up, and step beyond the limits of what’s been possible. We hear the Spirit calling us to radical, prophetic love.

That’s why we’re coming together to achieve even more progress in the five years ahead.

Key Moments in 2020

We’ve identified two key moments for the year. With our partners and the member organizations on our Steering Committee, we believe that these are the two 2020 moments that will most powerfully unite Catholic communities around the Laudato Si’ vision. Our two key moments for 2020 are

  • Laudato Si’ Week, and
  • the Season of Creation.

More information is below. We encourage you to start planning now to celebrate these big moments in May and September.

Calendar of Events

We’ll celebrate global and regional events that bring the Laudato Si’ vision to life.

January 15

Fifth Anniversary of GCCM (global)

Under the theme “celebrate and accelerate,” GCCM will begin a year-long celebration of our anniversary. Together, we’ll celebrate how far we’ve come and accelerate our efforts on the road ahead, meaningfully addressing the climate crisis through the next five years and beyond.

March 26-28

Economy of Francesco (Italy)

Pope Francis will convene a gathering of young economists and entrepreneurs in Assisi to develop a just and sustainable economy. In connection with the conference, we will elevate Catholic fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment in clean energy.

April 22

Earth Day (global)

On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, GCCM will join the Earth Day Network in transforming this milestone into a launchpad to even greater action. We will coordinate mobilizations and major events in Rome and in communities around the globe.

May 16-24

Laudato Si’ Week (global)

In collaboration with the Vatican, Renova+ and other partners, we will encourage a global celebration of the encyclical’s message on its fifth anniversary. Thousands of communities will hold events to reflect on Laudato Si’ and more deeply commit to bringing its vision to life. The week will culminate with a major Vatican summit on Laudato Si’.

Sept 1 – Oct 4

Season of Creation (global)

Building on Pope Francis’ unprecedented embrace of the Season of Creation and its growing presence in Catholic communities around the world, we will engage the Church in this annual season of prayer and action for creation.


UN Biodiversity Summit (China)

In collaboration with Catholic partners, we will execute targeted advocacy efforts to support the Global Deal for Nature, a goal of protecting 30% of nature by 2030, at the Convention on Biodiversity.

November 9 – 19

COP26 (UK)

The UN will convene its 26th annual conference of the parties to address climate change. This year is momentous, as it is the year for parties to announce how they will implement the Paris climate agreement (and whether they will fall short). GCCM will partner with Catholic institutions to encourage ambitious commitments that ensure a liveable future.


In addition to these events, engagement programs will help Catholic communities put our values into practice.

Catholic Carbon Footprint Program (global)

To help the Catholic family lead by example and dramatically shrink its carbon footprint, we will support a groundbreaking new Catholic carbon footprint Program. This first-of-its-kind global initiative will empower Catholic institutions to “green” their physical and financial assets with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the coming decades. The program will include an online sustainability platform and a comprehensive set of resources.

Divest-Invest Program (global)

GCCM will continue to accelerate its efforts help Catholic institutions live out their values by divesting from fossil fuels and investing in clean energy.

Community action (global)

GCCM will expand and deepen the Laudato Si’ Animators, Laudato Si’ Circles, Laudato Si’ Circuit, and GCCM chapter programs. These initiatives offer a rich experience of fellowship, and we will provide new tools that allow leaders to connect with each other and their communities.

2020 Milestones

2020 is a year of milestones. It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, the Paris Agreement, and GCCM.

We’ve come a long way together. We look forward to praying and acting even more deeply in the next five years and beyond, fully responding to our call to bring Laudato Si’ to life.