Global Catholic Climate Movement’s

2021 Plans:

Calendar of Key Dates

Throughout 2020, GCCM has supported a wide range of programs and initiatives that unite the universal Church under the banner of the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year. In May 2021, this year will come to a close and the next phase of our journey together will begin.

As a nimble and responsive movement, we will assess new opportunities, in particular continuing discussions with partners from the larger climate movement to assess opportunities for mobilization in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and evolving political realities.

Calendar 2021

January 15

First Laudato Si’ Monthly Prayer Service: We will celebrate the first of our 2021 prayer services in January. On the first Friday of each month*, the GCCM community gathers in prayer and solidarity during an online prayer service. Prayer services are organized by GCCM members from a different continent each month, whose local perspectives enrich the spiritual lives of our global movement.

January 18-25

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: For over a century, Christian communities have united in a week of prayer for our ecumenical communion. Under this year’s theme, “Abide in My Love . . . You Shall Bear Much Fruit,” GCCM will lift up care for creation as an integral part of the Christian experience.

Advanced Leadership Trainings: Laudato Si’ Animators training will be complemented by an advanced course to support certified Animators who want to deepen their leadership. More details will be announced in early 2021.

17 February - 29 March

Lent: Along with Christians around the world, GCCM will celebrate the renewal of our faith and our hope for new life in the world.

April 22

Earth Day (April 22, 2021)


Laudato Si’ Animators Training: GCCM’s signature leadership training program empowers local leaders to bring Laudato Si’ to life. In April, we will launch the first of two 2021 trainings.

May 17

Joint Faith Divestment Announcement

May 24

End of the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year: To celebrate the anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si’, the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development will develop initiatives to conclude the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year and build momentum for the years ahead. Details will be announced in early 2021. GCCM will support these initiatives.

Launch of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform: As part of its conclusion of the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development will launch a platform to empower Catholic people and communities to implement Laudato Si’. An overview of the platform will be announced in late 2020. GCCM will support this initiative.

May 17-30

UN Biodiversity Summit (COP15): The global summit on biodiversity will focus global attention on efforts to protect a meaningful portion of our lands and waters for future generations and the good of all creation. GCCM will support Catholic mobilisation and communications in preparation for the summit, highlighting biodiversity loss as another symptom of our ecological crisis and an essential component of our reconnection with creation and the Creator.


Laudato Si’ Animators Training: GCCM’s signature leadership training program empowers local leaders to bring Laudato Si’ to life. In September, we will launch the second of two 2021 trainings.

September 1 - October 4

Season of Creation: The Season of Creation is the special time each year when Christians unite in prayer and action for our common home. The theme for 2021 is A Home for All?: Renewing the oikos of God with special attention to the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will take place on September 26.

November 1 - November 12

UN Climate Summit COP26: The COVID pandemic both showed us extraordinary examples of human ingenuity and solidarity, and exposed how far we have to go to create truly just societies. Although the 2020 COP was postponed due to the pandemic, the climate emergency continued. Throughout 2021, GCCM will support Catholic mobilizations and communications to ramp up climate ambition and align the COVID response with commitments to the Paris climate agreement.

November 28 - December 24

Advent: With Christians everywhere, we will await the birth of our Savior, who offers light and life to all the world.

The Laudato Si’ Online Prayer Service will take place on the 2nd Friday if there is a conflict.
Check the prayer services website for the full schedule.

Download our Monthly Calendar to find more information and details about the campaigns and celebrations.