Webinar: Christmas, Consumerism, and Laudato Si

December 21, 2016

(December 21, 2016) In this webinar we explore how today’s rampant consumerism, particularly evident during the Christmas season, is so harmful in all fronts: destroying our planet’s ecosystems, hurting the most vulnerable among us and future generations, and undermining our own spirituality.

Watch the webinar now:

Program and Speakers:

  • Consumerism and Our Planet: How our consumerist economic model exceeds the planetary boundaries, from a scientific perspective – Dr. Pablo Canziani, Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Consumerism, Inequality, and Sustainability: How inequality and our distorted economic model exacerbate ecological degradation – Dr. Juliet Schor, Boston College
  • The invitation of Laudato Si: Consumerism from a spiritual angle – Sr. Katie Mindling, RSM, Sister of Mercy from the Mid-Atlantic Community in the United States