“All in for all life”

November 10, 2016

The Climate Mobilization came up with “All in for All Life”.  We found out about The Climate Mobilization through a GCCM Steering Committee member and partner. GCCM Steering Committee members then became initial state organizers in June 2015.  Now The Climate Mobilization, active in the US and Australia — is calling for each of us to be “All in for All Life”

We have always known we needed to accomplish an almost unthinkable transformation. We believe that, if anything, this election shows that we live in a time when old rules increasingly do not apply, in which the seemingly unthinkable is possible.

We have spoken and written before about how crises change morality. When the future of all life on earth is at stake, it’s not enough to be a good, law abiding individual. Our moral duty is to respond and to rescue as much precious life as humanly possible. We must challenge ourselves to find the most effective course of action to protecting civilization and the natural world, and then to devote as much of our time, energy, and resources to this cause as we can.

The truth does not change with our president’s ability to recognize it. We are still in a planetary climate crisis, one that is escalating with every passing day, and one that threatens the continued existence of much of life on earth. The only way forward is to continue to fight for civilization and the natural world through advocating a WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate and reverse overshoot.

We have spent the past two years using the World War II home front mobilization as an analogy for how we, as a nation, could respond to this catastrophe. Today, we remember why that war was fought in the first place; how the American people summoned the courage to fight fascism. We meditate on the dangers of taking a backseat in times of moral crisis.

We do not know what the coming years will bring. But this election has demonstrated the danger of a collective failure of imagination. We cannot be prepared to fight what we do not believe can happen. This is true both of the potential for climate-induced civilizational collapse as well as the election of a fascist president in 21st century America.

It’s up to all of us to remain vigilant in this time. To guard against complacency, denial or despair, but also against the temptations of succumbing to hatred and blame. To make it absolutely clear from the beginning of this presidency that we are not passive subjects; but fully active and engaged in the most important issues of all time. To stand up and declare that we are more than self-interested individuals: that, collectively, we are protectors — of our climate, of the millions of species and billions of people whose lives are hanging in the balance, of the rights of unborn generations, and of the safety and civil liberties of everyone living in this nation, whatever their race or creed. The Climate Mobilization is committed to doing this work. We hope you join us, and support us so we can chart a new pathway to victory.

As our mentor Fred Branfman wrote in 2012:  Millions of rational Americans will increasingly face a fundamental question in the coming decade: “Can I live with myself if I fail to engage politically, however hopeless it may seem, to try and save both human civilization from global climate change and the U.S. economy and democracy at home?” This means you. This means I. If enough of us decide individually to commit to acting politically, our species will be saved. If not it won’t.

If you are resolved not only to continue, but to deepen your commitment this struggle, please sign below and invite others, so we can strategize.

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