The First African Bishops to endorse the Petition on Climate Change.

October 1, 2015


During a meeting with Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa  in Tanzania (CYNESA-Tanzania) on September15,2015 , Bishop Titus Joseph Mdoe, Auxiliary  Bishop of Dar es Salaam endorsed the Global Catholic Climate Movement’s Petition on Climate Change. The Petition invites Church leaders and specially Political Leaders from around the world to make concrete commitments to help poorest countries to resist the impacts of climate change.

Auxiliary Bishop Titus Mdoe

Bishop Titus Joseph Mdoe, Auxiliary  Bishop of Dar es Salaam


We  thank God that the meeting went on successful. He was very positive on the idea and what we are doing so far but he was insisting on one thing to  start in our parish level through small community and other groups in the Parish .

Just the Same week on September 20, BISHOP JOSE LUIS PONCE DE LEON  of the Diocese of Manzini, Swaziland, added his signature as well.


BISHOP Jose Luis Ponce DE Leon 

Bishop of the  Manzini Diocese .


The Diocese of Manzini have partnered on September 21 with the Global Catholic Climate Movement to raise awareness about the climate change crisis in the Catholic community by embedding the widget of the Catholic Petition into his website.

World leaders will meet in the U.N. Climate Summit at Paris (called COP21) in late November 2015, to sign a treaty to tackle climate change. After decades of failed negotiations, we need to increase the pressure on our governments for them to be more ambitious to solve the climate crisis.

We hope to keep this momentum to ensure we have a strong youth-led and youth-driven Catholic voice at COP21.