Catholic climate petition to not exceed 1.5 C of global warming reaches 40,000 signatures with Bishop of South Ecuador, Caritas

September 3, 2015

As of the beginning of September, over 40,000 Catholics, including the Pope’s representative and cardinals, bishops, priests, and lay people around the world have signed the Catholic petition on the climate, to keep warming to 1.5 C.

In his encyclical, the Pope called for nations to transition off fossil fuel without delay, (LS #165) starting with coal.  He also described a situation of “ecological debt” where developed countries have used up their space in the atmosphere with their carbon emissions to date.

Msgr Walter Haras Ecuador

Some of the most recent signers of the petition include Msgr. Walter Heras, President of Caritas Ecuador and Bishop of the Vicariato Apostólico de Zamora, in the South of Ecuador.  The bishop also committed to launch the Petition in his Jurisdiction.