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The Paris agreement is a broad framework that says all countries will meet their own goals, in whatever way they’re able.  Now, climate negotiators are meeting again.  They are crafting a “rule book” for the framework.

This meeting is co-hosted by Fiji. The people of Fiji, and many of their neighbors in the Pacific Islands, are under immediate threat from sea level rise.  We are praying for commitment and compassion in the talks, to protect vulnerable people now and in generations to come.

We want to bend the arc on greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2020. Climate negotiations are key to achieving that goal.

This prayer resource is brought to you by Global Catholic Climate Movement, a network of thousands of people just like you, responding to Pope Francis’s call to action in the Laudato Si’ encyclical.

What happens now?

Pray for the next stage of the Paris climate talks

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In 2015, countries’ climate negotiators met at a UN-facilitated summit in Paris. Their purpose was to craft a global deal to limit global warming.

Driven forward by the urgent need to find climate solutions, the negotiators succeeded.  There is now a global agreement in place.  It’s often called “the Paris climate agreement.”

Every country in the world except Syria is a member of the agreement. President Trump said that he wants the U.S. to quit the pact.  However, withdrawal is a 3-year process.

Climate Talks

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