COP24 Updates: The Church Speaks

December 6, 2018

COP24 is now underway, and the Catholic Church is urging world leaders to find solutions to the climate crisis. From the Holy See to the bishops of Poland, Catholic leaders are setting an example of action and cooperation in pursuit of climate justice.

Cardinal Parolin
Photo by :Osservatore

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State to the Holy See, gave an address at the opening plenary, saying that “COP-24 may be a turning point, if it can show that the collaborative and proactive spirit of Paris is still alive.” He spoke about the need to highlight the “ethical and human dimension of climate change,” an approach that will require “a change in mentality.” Read the statement here.

The Catholic bishops of Poland have also echoed the call for climate justice. In an unprecedented act of collaboration, Polish bishops sent a letter to the pastors of the 10,000 parishes in the country, urging them to lead their communities in praying for the climate summit. The letters were followed by over 2 million prayer cards, which the bishops encouraged parishes to use at Mass during the two Sundays of the COP. Download the prayer card here and join in this movement of prayer for creation.