Catholic institutions are among the global leaders in divestment from fossil fuels. Starting with a sound moral argument for divestment and combining it with financial wisdom, Catholics are making groundbreaking joint announcements of divestment from dirty energy.

Read the full list of divesting institutions, with quotations from selected leaders here.

September 2019

On September 12, 15 Catholic institutions including the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and Caritas agencies in Italy, Singapore, Australia, and Norway announced their divestment. At the same time, the global divestment movement reached a new milestone of $11 trillion in the value of divesting institutions, with Catholics making up the largest group of 150+ in the global total of 1,100+ institutions. For more information, see this story in the National Catholic Reporter.

May 2019

In May 2019, a coalition of maritime Catholic institutions announced their divestment from fossil fuels and called for commitment to slash fossil fuel emissions from the UN’s shipping agency. The institutions included the Archdiocese of Panama, home to the Panama Canal, Caritas Philippines, home to approximately 25% of the world’s seafarers, and others. See press release here.

September 2018

On September 2018,  19 Catholic institutions including Caritas India and the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference announced their commitment to divest from fossil fuels at the Global Climate Action Summit alongside the total divestment commitments of 900+ institutions. Read the press release and watch the video here. (September 10, 2018)

April 2018

On Earth Day, April 22, Caritas Internationalis, Catholic banks with total balance sheets of approximately €7.5 billion, archdioceses, and a coalition of dozens of Catholic institutions announced their divestment. This group of 35 represents religious orders, lay movements, and Catholic justice organizations from around the world. Read more in the press release.

October 2017

On October 4, 2017 a group of 40 Catholic institutions committed to caring for our common home by announcing their divestment from fossil fuels.  This is the largest joint Catholic announcement to date.
This group included the first-ever divestment of a Catholic bishops’ conference and one of the first divestments of a Catholic bank.  In addition, the group counted several highly significant institutions in Assisi, the home of St. Francis.  It also included archdioceses and dioceses, religious orders, and lay organizations, and was complemented by important municipal partners.
Read more about this ground-breaking commitment in the press release.

May 2017

Nine Catholic institutions announced their divestment from fossil fuels.  The groups — including religious orders and dioceses from the UK, USA and Italy — made the announcement ahead of international negotiations this month on implementing measures in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Read more, and see  in this blog post.

October 2016

Seven Catholic organizations announced their commitment to divest from fossil fuels on the Feast of St. Francis 2016. These included the following:

  • a major healthcare network that has 24 hospitals, 300 doctors’ offices, and 40,000 employees (SSM Health),
  • a diocese (the diocese of Umuarama, Brazil), and
  • one of Italy’s largest nonprofit networks, with 82 member organizations (FOCSIV).

Read more in the press release.

June 2016

Four religious orders announced their divestment from fossil fuels to commemorate the anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si’. Read more in the Guardian.