Divestment and the synod on the Amazon

November 5, 2019

As the synod on the Amazon wraps up in Rome, indigenous Amazonian leaders are calling  Catholic institutions to divest from fossil fuels. 

Indigenous communities have successfully stewarded the Amazon for thousands of years. Now, illegal encroachment by ranchers, miners, and loggers is compounded by the effects of a warming planet.

Climate change leads to unpredictable rainfall in the Amazon, and the resulting droughts can kill trees. A dying forest is less able to store carbon, leading to a vicious cycle of an even warmer world.

Catholic institutions are increasingly committed to aligning their investments with their values. Just recently, 10 dioceses in the nation of Austria divested from fossil fuels, putting Catholic teaching into practice. 

The total number of Catholic institutions that have divested now stands above 160. These include Caritas Internationalis, Catholic banks with trillions of Euros on their balance sheets, bishops’ conferences, archdioceses and dioceses, and dozens more.

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