Earth Day: 5 Ways to Care for Creation

April 22, 2021

Catholics around the world will join together to take action to protect our common home on the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, April 22.

This year’s theme is “Restoring our Earth”.

Seeking to transform this annual celebration into a launching pad for greater action, we share five ways Catholics are caring for creation.


The Catholic Climate Covenant developed a great one-hour educational prayer program for Earth Day so that Catholic families, parishes, schools, and communities will be ready for the launch of the Laudato Si’ Platform for Action and continue to care for our common home.

Learn more about their Earth Day program.


Organizations like CIDSE take action with policy makers by participating in decision-making processes at critical moments to promote just institutions.

CIDSE recently pushed for debt cancellation and financial support for the poorest countries at the G20 Finance Ministers meeting. See the full article here.


The Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network supports the voice of indigenous communities and their rights in the Amazon, promoting actions and forums for the care of this important region.

REPAM has launched an emergency declaration due to the increase in murders of indigenous defenders. You can read the note in this link.


Women Engaged for a Common Future (WECF) works to advance gender equality, women’s rights, and climate justice from an eco-feminist approach.

The organization has WOMEN2030 among its programs implemented in 52 countries around the world to achieve the fulfillment of the 2030 agenda. Learn more about this program.


The Maristas Mexico Central organization has organized the second Youth Meeting for the Care of our Common Home, under the slogan “Educate to conserve”. 

Through various working groups, they contribute to the protection of the environment through education, research, ecotourism, and ecological agriculture.

At the Global Catholic Climate Movement, we are preparing special activities. Participate together with Catholics around the world in the celebration of Earth Day

Together, Catholics around the world will keep lighting the way for all creation.