This Earth Day saw a flowering of action to protect our common home.

April 30, 2019

Leaders from around the world hosted events to protect creation. We’d like to share a few of these leaders’ stories in their own words.

celebration in Quito

From Jackeline in Quito, Ecuador “We prayed together, starting with the verse “consider the lillies of the field” to remind ourselves that all of us come from creation, for which we gave thanks to God. And we asked God, among other things, for better awareness and coherence in the care of our planet.”

celebration in Andhrapradesh

From K. Nirmala in Andhrapradesh, India The organization for Human Services (HOTHS) celebrated Earth Day in the Gantapuram Kotha Mallapuram and Diguvamitta Nalla Mala Forest areas with vulnerable tribal women. The main objectives of this programme were how to protect the five elements of the globe: earth, sky, water, air, and fire.

celebration in São José dos Campos

From Luciano in São José dos Campos, Brazil “The theme of the meeting was “Water Resources and Public Policies,” with the intention of being a preparatory meeting for the ‘Synod of the Amazon’ event, to be held in September in the Diocese of São José dos Campos.”

celebration in Bukavu

From Sr. Christine in Bukavu, DR Congo: Reflecting on the importance that Pope Francis gives to the care of the environment, we wanted to do something at our level and according to our strength. That is why we gave ourselves a week of planting trees.

celebration in Rome

From Antonio in Assisi, Italy The Laudato Si’ Circles from Rome and Assisi joined the Focolare Movement to organize a Laudato Si’ Mass. The mass was celebrated at the Village for the Earth in Rome. It was an exceptional occasion for exchange, sharing and praying together.

These are just a few of the many events that were held around the world to celebrate Earth Day. Our communities are where the climate crisis hits home, and we’re stronger because Catholics are standing up to take action.