Encountering God at Everest

November 30, 2018

Himalayan Mountain Range

From the roaring ocean waves to the brilliant colors of dawn, God uses creation to speak to the human heart. At times, our Creator speaks in a gentle whisper. Other times, the encounter is so powerful that it changes the entire course of a person’s life.

The young man in the photo above is Javier, and he had one such encounter as he climbed the Himalayan Mountain Range on the way to Mount Everest. Thousands of metres above sea level, oxygen was scarce and silence was a constant companion. He felt his heart beating like a drum inside his body, and fear was beginning to creep into his mind. In the midst of his difficulty, God taught him to listen in silence and observe with humility. As his heart struggled to pump oxygen through his body, he remembered that his heart is not his own but is a gift. Fatigue weighed on his every step, but he was strengthened by the love of his family and friends. The closer he got to the summit, the more he understood his identity as part of God’s creation, made for the eternal love of the Creator.

Javier went on to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and take part in humanitarian projects in Calcutta, Indonesia, and Africa. His experience on Mount Everest touched his heart so deeply that upon his return home he decided to enter the seminary. He has embarked on the next great adventure of his life, inspired by his profound encounter with God on the mountain.

A great adventure