Apply to become an Animator

mai 23, 2018

Animator-organized event

Around the world, Catholics are sparking action to protect creation. Laudato Si’ Animators light that spark.

The Laudato Si’ Animators program trains and inspires local volunteers to bring Catholic teaching on climate change into local communities.

Animators come from all walks of life. Students and retirees, clergy people and lay people, climate experts and climate amateurs, everyone has a home in the Laudato Si’ Animators program.

As Pope Francis said, “Everyone’s talents and involvement are needed” to protect creation. (Laudato Si’, 14)

The training is comprehensive. From the mechanics of greenhouse gas emissions to our scriptural role as stewards of creation, online training sessions equip you to transform your community.

The deadline to apply is June 11.

Join a global family of Laudato Si’ Animators working as one to protect our common home.

Animators will complete a capstone project during the Season of Creation, which lasts from 1 September through 4 October, with hands-on support and guidance along the way. You are invited to bring Catholic teaching to life and join the program.