Global Catholic Climate Movement statement on the outcome of the US elections

November 7, 2020

Over the past few weeks, millions of votes have been counted and the result of the U.S. election is clear.

Now, the work begins. 

We strongly encourage President Joe Biden to take the following actions immediately:

  • Re-enter the Paris climate accords.
  • Enact key principles of the Green New Deal, including limiting carbon emissions, providing a just transition for men and women in the energy industry, ensuring environmental justice, and empowering local communities to adapt to the dangers of our warming world. 
  • Create a strong bipartisan coalition for climate action, one that will serve our country and its people for years to come.

We will continue to pray for the U.S. and the hundreds of millions of people who will live for generations to come with the decisions that are made today.  

We pray that President Biden will take his Catholic faith to heart, hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor, and lead the country wisely. 

The next four years begin today. We stand united in our faith and our commitment to protecting the people and places we love.