Global conference on divestment

June 12, 2018

This summer, from 1 August to 3 August, faith leaders from around the world will gather in Cape Town, South Africa, to discuss new approaches to institutional investing in light of the growing movement for divestment from fossil fuels.

The conference, called Shift Our Future, is now accepting registrations. Learn more at

The conference aims to accelerate divestment from fossil fuels and renewable energy investment by global faith, NGO, and governmental partners looking specifically at the divest-invest movement in countries where it is in its early stages.

In many global south countries, the state of energy systems allows for the leap-frogging of fossil fuels in favour of a direct progression to renewables. With over 1 billion people globally lacking access to modern forms of energy, such a progression is vitally important.

The conference will explore the moral imperative for such a course of action and will propose as a human right the right of all people to access safe, affordable renewable energy.