Global Laudato Si’
Monthly Prayer Services

“Everything is interconnected, and this invites us to develop a spirituality of global solidarity” (LS 240)

As the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis rage on, now, more than ever, is the time for our global movement to come together.

Join this movement every first Friday of the month as we unite during a Global Laudato Si’ Prayer Service and listen to creation’s song, cry, and invitation.

These prayer services are opportunities for all of us to feel inspired and connected, and to support each other as this movement keeps working for climate justice and ecological conversion all over the world.

One continent will be featured each month. The rotating of hosts will give us all a chance to learn more about that part of the world as the music, creation’s song, and the cry of creation all will hail from the host region. The services also will feature guest speakers and an interactive prayer with movement members from every corner of the globe.

Now is the time for our movement to come together in solidarity for prayer and reflection. Now is our time to further develop our spirituality of global solidarity” and to unite as one global Catholic family working to solve the climate emergency.

Looking forward to seeing you there and praying with you!


Date Hour Theme Guest Reflection Languages Host Region
January 15. 2021 10 am Quito “All of this shows the urgent need for us to move forward in a bold cultural revolution.” (LS 114). Bishop Vicente Ferreira, Bishop of Brumadinho (Brazil), and Secretary of the Commission for Integral Ecology and Mining of the Brazilian Bishops Conference (CNBB) Led in Portuguese Portuguese-speaking countries
February 5. 2021 10 am Quito “A change in lifestyle could bring healthy pressure to bear on those who wield political, economic and social power.” (LS 206) TBD   Hispanicamerica
March 5. 2021 12 pm Sydney “For human beings… to destroy the biological diversity of God’s creation; for human beings to degrade the integrity of the earth by causing changes in its climate, by stripping the earth of its natural forests or destroying its wetlands; for human beings to contaminate the earth’s waters, its land, its air, and its life – these are sins.” (LS 8) TBD Led in English Oceania
April 9. 2021 TBD “Today you are alive in every creature in your risen glory. Praise be to you!” (A Christian prayer in union with creation, from Laudato Si’) TBD   Africa
May 7. 2021 TBD “All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents.” (LS 14) TBD   Europe
June 4. 2021 TBD “Just as her pierced heart mourned the death of Jesus, so now Mary grieves for the sufferings of the crucified poor and for the creatures of this world laid waste by human power” (LS 241) TBD Led in English North America
July 2. 2021 TBD “Along with the importance of little everyday gestures, social love moves us to devise larger strategies to halt environmental degradation and to encourage a ‘culture of care’ which permeates all of society. When we feel that God is calling us to intervene with others in these social dynamics, we should realize that this too is part of our spirituality, which is an exercise of charity and, as such, matures and sanctifies us.” (LS 231) TBD   Portuguese-speaking countries
August 6. 2021 TBD “Sunday is the day of the Resurrection, the “first day” of the new creation, whose first fruits are the Lord’s risen humanity, the pledge of the final transfiguration of all created reality” (LS 237). TBD   Asia
TBD TBD “The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change.” (LS 13) TBD Led in English Global
October 1. 2021 TBD “I believe that Saint Francis is the example par excellence of care for the vulnerable and of an integral ecology lived out joyfully and authentically” (LS 10). TBD   Hispanicamerica
November 5. 2021 TBD “Society, through non-governmental organizations and intermediate groups, must put pressure on governments to develop more rigorous regulations, procedures and controls. Unless citizens control political power – national, regional and municipal – it will not be possible to control damage to the environment.” (LS 179) TBD   Africa
December 3. 2021 TBD “The Lord, in the culmination of the mystery of the Incarnation, chose to reach our intimate depths through a fragment of matter.” (LS 236) TBD   Europe


DECEMBER 4, 2020

Topic: Creating Hope, Advent

Advent is a time of hope, waiting joyfully, as Mary, Joseph, and all creation did in expectation of Christ’s birth. We anticipate His return and the fulfillment of God’s reign, “on Earth as it is in heaven.” We pray that during Advent we become people of hope through action for each other and for our planet. We pray that despite everything going on in our world, we focus on what we can control and on what God wants us to do to help usher in Christ’s hope to our sisters and brothers around the world.

Download the Laudato Si’ Reflection of December here

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

Topic: All Saints, All Souls

We commemorate this month the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, we remember with gratitude those who went before us including the environmental defenders who gave their life to protect creation. We also ask our Father to give us the strength to follow the examples of the saints and to follow Jesus, as we make our daily choices.

Download the Laudato Si’ Reflection of November here

OCTOBER 2, 2020

Topic: Waiting for the new Encyclical from Assisi: reflection toward Saint Francis Sunday

In the context of Europe, symbol of the search for beauty in cultural diversity, in a universal fraternity and an integral ecology on the example of St. Francis, we will reflect, from Assisi, together with speakers of different religions, in view of the signature of the new Encyclical of Pope Francis called “Fratelli tutti” on the vigil of St. Francis Sunday.

Speakers: Mons. Domenico Sorrentino, Tonio Dell’Olio, Mariam Mourabi, Giulia Santoro, Prof. Maciej Nowicki and Gabriel López Santamaria.

Download the Laudato Si’ Reflection of October here.


Topic: Season of Creation Global Ecumenical Online Prayer Service
Join us for this online prayer service as we begin the Season of Creation, annual Christian celebration of prayer and action for our common home. Youth from around the globe will lead this service and offer reflections.

This year’s theme, Jubilee for the Earth, invites us to consider the integral relationship between rest for the earth and ecological, economic, social and political ways of living. This particular year, the need for just and sustainable systems has been revealed by the far-reaching effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Youth from different churches, congregations and organizations from around the globe will be joining and leading in prayer. Including Green Anglicans Movement of Kenya, ACT Alliance, Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM), Lutheran World Federation, Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN), Anglican Students Federation of Southern Africa, Church of South India, World Communion of Reformed Churches, World Council of Churches and Green Anglicans.

AUGUST 7. 2020

Join us at 9h00 New York – 16h00 Nairobi – 8h00 Quito – 8h00 CDMX – 10h00 Buenos Aires – 15h00 Madrid – 15h00 Rome

Host Region: Africa
This prayer service will be held in English and simultaneously translated to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Topic: Transforming Peace
Let us pray for peace and security in the entire world, for those suffering from extreme poverty, for the degradation of the environment and displacement of the people due to the pipelines being constructed in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and other parts of the world, for the Season of Creation, for the ongoing challenges along the Nile River with the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam, and for peaceful coexistence between human beings and wildlife.

Guest Reflection by: Ann Mareka

JULY 3. 2020

Join us at 10h00 Quito – 17h00 Madrid

Host Region: Hispanoamerica & Spain
This prayer service will be held in Spanish and simultaneously translated to English, Portuguese, and Italian

Topic: San Joaquín & Santa Ana
The importance of the family in the eco-conversion of children with a look at the inter-generational value. We will reflect on how grandparents can be the most vulnerable members of the family in relation to the climate crisis.

Guest Reflection by: Joining us from Spain, Carlos Jesús Delgado.
Layman, happily married and father of two children. Episcopal coordinator of the Diocesan Commission of Integral Ecology and Vice President of the Diocesan Commission of Justice and Peace, both of the Archbishopric of Madrid (Spain). Coordinator of the Joint Orthodox-Catholic Commission for the preparation of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation in Madrid.

The original audio is in Spanish, for other languages please activate the automatic subtitles in Youtube.