Half-year Highlights of 2016

June 30, 2016

After our incredible mobilization of nearly 1 million Catholics in 2015 ahead of COP21, here are some of the exciting highlights of our efforts to help our Catholic family to bring Laudato Si’ to life during the first half of 2016 (listed along the pillars of our strategic framework):



LArge, center


  • Laudato Si’ Week: Our global celebration of the encyclical’s first anniversary took place in over 30 countries, with hundreds of people participating in our Laudato Si online conference and our Thunderclap campaign to thank Pope Francis reaching over a million people.  Read more.
  • Lenten Fast for Climate Justice: For the second year in a row, over 50 countries around the globe fasted for climate justice in preparation for Easter. Read more.



Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.57.55 PM

  • Eco-Parish Guide: Developed in cooperation with many of you, the guide provides Catholic parishes with practical steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by addressing actions in relation to parish operations, the congregation, and the broader community. It is available in both English and Spanish. Read more.
  • Divest-Reinvest Announcement: we launched our Divest-Reinvest working group and facilitated the first-ever joint Catholic divestment announcement. Read more.



GCCM in the North Pole

  • Call to action at Earth Day U.N. Ceremony:
    – INTERFAITH STATEMENT: Ahead of the Paris ratification ceremony, we co-delivered the Interfaith Climate Change Statement to the President of the UN General Assembly signed by 270 high-level religious leaders. Read more.
    – NORTH POLE EXPEDITION: We collaborated with a Laudato Si’ Expedition trek to the North Pole which sent a powerful message to world leaders to protect our common home. Read more.
  • Break Free from Fossil Fuels mobilization: We supported Break Free, a 10-day global wave of mass actions targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects.  Read more.




  • Laudato Si’ Animators: We mobilized 651 Laudato Si Animators in 53 countries who have committed to promoting climate justice work in their communities. Read more.
  • Movement sharing: We continued to facilitate the sharing of information across our movement through our blog, monthly newsletter and resources page