Hummingbird pilgrimage

May 24, 2019

The Laudato Si’ Generation is committed to changing the world. Hugo Degryse, a Laudato Si’ Generation member from France, is walking through Latin America to spread the message of Laudato Si’.

After volunteering at World Youth Day in Panama, Hugo decided to continue his pilgrimage under the banner of Colibrí Peregrino, the Hummingbird Pilgrim.

The name of the project is partially on the idea of being a pilgrim, as he travels through communities on a journey to living out the values of Laudato Si’. The colibrí, or hummingbird, in the name comes from an indigenous story Hugo heard. The story tells that the actions of a very small bird, no matter how small, can have huge effects. Just so, a single person’s actions can contribute to action on climate change.

“With this trip, I seek to make a call from within the Church, that we play a central role in the care for our common home. We are the protagonists. God trusted us with God’s creation. Today, we cannot see Catholicism and ecology as two separate things,” says Hugo.

In Costa Rica, the National Youth Ministry is the organization in charge of promoting the Hummingbird Pilgrim project throughout the country. Its Father Luis Aguilar says “It’s a great opportunity of the Church to put into practice Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’. It’s an experience that challenges, an invitation to be Christians in our present time.”

This project is endorsed by Monsignor Ulloa, archbishop of Panama City, as well as the Episcopal Conference of France.

If you wish to get more information about the project, see the agenda and schedule, or to invite the Hummingbird Project to your community, you may contact Hugo Degryse through his social media:

Facebook @ColibriPeregrino

Instagram @uncolibriperegrino