Introducing Our Partners, Getting to Know the Network: Christian Life Community (CVX-CLC)

June 24, 2015

Christian Life Community CLC – Comunidad de Vida Cristiana CVX – Communaute de Vie Chretienne CVX

With a history of over 450 years, CLC is an international organization consisting of small groups of lay people—and some religious, too!—in over 70 countries.  Members gather together regularly in prayer, to share where they are finding God is in their lived experience, to support one another, and to discern where/how God is inviting them to live out their Christian vocation.  CLC is rooted in Ignatian Spirituality, in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with a strong connection with the Society of Jesus.

At our last General Assembly held in Beirut, Lebanon in August 2013, members gathered from all around the world and together affirmed four priority areas: Ecology; Globalization and Poverty; Family and Youth/Young Adults.

With these priorities in mind, the Global Catholic Climate Movement seemed a fitting network for CLC to join others of like mind and commitment to make a positive impact in this very significant moment in history, with voices from all different sectors around the world converging together!  Voices are crying out, “Wake up, people!  It’s time we cared for our environment and our most vulnerable brothers and sisters!”  As an NGO with consultative status at the UN, CLC has been following closely as the UN prepares a set of new sustainable development goals for the next 10 years, and as the UN Climate Change Conference prepares to meet in Paris this December with governments to break new ground in significantly reducing our negative environmental impact.

Adding to these developments, we are thrilled by the Pope’s Ecology Encyclical, Laudato Si!  Pope Francis helps us to see how our commitment to ecology is linked to justice for the poor and love for God.  This social justice Encyclical is both a significant challenge but a vision of hope!  We can do this together.  We can do this with the power of the Holy Spirit.  With faith, “even the winds and seas obey him!”