Latin American parishes and dioceses are actively responding to and implementing Laudato Si’

February 25, 2016

Latin American parishes and dioceses are actively responding to and implementing Laudato Si’, according to GCCM’s Fabian Campos in Ecuador.

In Ecuador they have been preparing and hosting public displays and gatherings in plazas on Sunday.  In relation to the Lenten Fast, they are showing a film about the mining problem and the connection to climate change.

In Mexico, the Instituto Mexicano de Doctrina Social Cristiana, a GCCM member, is facilitating a “Francis Generation” youth mobilization, a colloquium on the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II, and offering courses in Catholic Social Teaching.  They are also offering July courses in citizen participation over the history of the church, offered by Prof./Fr. Oscar Arias and Arturo Sanchez.  Other courses are on Justice and Mercy and on Eco-construction of community.

GCCM is working with IMDOSOC on a webinar about Laudato Si’ and a camp for young people from different parts of Latin America.  They will visit different areas that are being affected by climate change and discuss the connection to Laudato Si’.

In addition to Laudato Si’ education and youth mobilization, parishes in Mexico have also been working on a campaign for recycling and electronics in particular, re-selling them or disposing of them as appropriate.

Many Laudato Si’ related projects are underway in Peru, including some related to the Amazon and others related to energy efficiency.  The Diocese of Freiburg in Germany is working with the Peruvian church on several initiatives, paving the way for how other dioceses in the Global North can partner with our brothers and sisters in different places.  This initiative has been in place since 1986 and connects about 140 parishes together in the Archdiocese of Freiburg and the Catholic Church in Peru.  The partnership is a process that is based on mutual respect and mutual learning.  The three pillars of partnership work are communication, spirituality and solidarity – a committed effort to take part in the life of the partners.  Through information and exchange on the current situation in the partner country and in prayer for each other, the partnership receives a face.

Uruguay has been making great strides in getting off of fossil fuels.  The country is now generating 95 percent of its electricity from renewable energy, helping the world make the transition even though parishioners and dioceses in the country have seen few signs of climate change themselves.  The country sees the necessity and potential though in shifting to the energy of the future though.

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