Laudato Si’ Brief: Courage and determination to respect fundamental human rights

April 7, 2021

Fundamental rights: the topic of April’s Pope’s Video (Pexels)

Catholics around the world celebrated the most important week of the year: the mystery of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. At the Vatican, Pope Francis presided over the main celebrations and his invitation for the Easter season is to “receive the good news of Easter in the heart, in homes and families.”

In Latin America, the President of Celam encouraged: “Let us proclaim that the grave is empty, the stone has been moved; he who suffered the passion, who was crucified and died on the cross, is risen! He has conquered death! He is the one who lives”.

Also, the Christians of Jordan, a land that welcomes Iraqi refugees, have celebrated Easter with devotion, and in Venezuela “the shepherds do not give up”. In spite of the great difficulties the country is going through, Cardinal Baltazar Porras said that these were days “of more reflection and great devotion, in the family”.

While from the Amazon, the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network called for “much enthusiasm to overcome the difficulties that the world is suffering”.  “To be together celebrating this moment and giving thanks for each one who has entered this boat with us”.

In Lima, on Easter Sunday, Archbishop Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio unveiled the publication of a popular version of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Fratelli tutti, presented in an edition summarized by Jesuit priest Mateo Garr.

On Tuesday, April 6, a new edition of The Pope’s Video was released, in which the Pontiff calls for “courage and determination” to ensure that fundamental human rights are respected. He prayed for those who risk their lives fighting in authoritarian regimes, and even in democracies in crisis, so that they may see that their sacrifice and work bear abundant fruit.

What’s new for the week after Easter

This Friday, April 9, GCCM will hold the April Monthly World Prayer Meeting at 8 am Quito / 10 am Argentina / 3 pm Madrid through GCCM’s Facebook page, which will also be broadcast on GCCM’s YouTube channel.

It is a space to listen to creation in a space of biblical readings, prayer, and reflection. This month, the Africa team will be in charge of the program.

Also in Spain, Vivo, a film produced by Bosco Films and starring the faithful of the Hakuna Association, will be released. The film tells the conversion stories of young Spaniards and will be released online on April 9.

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