Laudato Si’ Circle Prayer Service at Czech Climate Camp

July 9, 2019

Laudato Si’ Circle at Czech Climate Camp

The Laudato Si’ Circle in Prague recently joined the the Climate Camp which is now taking place in the Czech Republic. It is a week-long gathering of climate and environmental activists and is at present culminating in three days of direct action including acts of peaceful civil disobedience, in particular a blockade of one of the dirtiest coal power plants in this country, which has just received an exception from the European emission limits for further two years.

Because we see as part of our mission bringing the life of prayer to places where people are fighting for climate justice without explicitly calling to God, Live Laudato si’ Czech Republic organized a lay worship meeting at the Climate Camp before the beginning of the action days. On Thursday July 4th in the morning we met with several persons attending the camp to prepare the prayer service together. In the afternoon of the same day we gathered with a larger number of Climate Camp attendees of several denominations at the column shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in the village of Veltruby near which the camp is situated.

We invoked the Holy Spirit with the ancient hymn Veni Creator Spiritus. Several biblical readings were read and discussed having to do with the human vocation to take respectful and loving care of the created world as well as the warning to those who fail to fulfill that vocation (Lk 12:42-48). In litanies we invoked those who took exemplary care of the portion of the world allotted to them, namely Mary, Joseph, the Czech national patrons, Francis of Assisi, Óscar Romero and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We presented thanks and pleas for Mother sister Earth and all her inhabitants, for persons involved in the climate movements and for its opponents, for the gift of solidarity at local and global levels, for the inhabitants of the Veltruby village who received the camp participants warmly, as well as for each other. After the concluding song the participants spent some further time in friendly conversation.

Please pray for us and with us for those who are involved in the civil disobedience actions in various ways, that they may be safe and that their prophetic acts of symbolically stopping mines and coal plants for limited periods of time may bear fruit.

With respect and gratitude, Svetla Hanke, Žít Laudato si’, Laudato Si’ Circle in Prague