Walk and reflect in Assisi

Experience awe for creation and Creator in Assisi, home of St. Francis. The Laudato Si’ Circuit is a walk with your small group through Assisi and the surrounding countryside.

Accompanied by the poetry of St. Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures and Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, groups experience these moving texts through words and song, and spend time in silent reflection to connect with the Creator.

The circuit is divided into three parts: the song of creation, the cry of creation, and action for creation. Each section offers a new way of seeing our relationship to creation.

There are three options to participate:

Short Laudato Si’ Circuit: The short circuit lasts for two hours and is carried out entirely in the Sanctuary of St. Damian, both on the grounds and in the places where the canticle was born.
Medium Laudato Si’ Circuit: The medium circuit lasts for four hours. It begins in the Sanctuary of Rivotorto and winds along the evocative paths of the Sanctuary of St. Damian before ending in the Franciscan Sanctuary.
Long Laudato Si’ Circuit: The long circuit lasts for six hours. It begins at the train station of Santa Maria degli Angeli, passes through the countryside outside Assisi, arrives at the Sanctuary of Rivotorto, winds along the paths of the Sanctuary of St. Damian, and ends in the Sanctuary where the canticle was composed.

For more information, please contact Antonio Caschetto at [email protected]

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About the facilitator

Antonio Caschetto is the author of Vivi Laudato Si’, a book about the roots of the papal encyclical and its connection to action today. Antonio helps pilgrims in Assisi deepen their experience of Laudato Si and the Canticle of the Creatures. He is an architect by training, and as an architect he completed projects to reduce environmental impacts.

For the Diocese of Assisi, he has taught Italian to asylum-seekers and served in spiritual guidance for the Shrine of Renunciation, leading the first ecumenical prayer for creation. Married to his wonderful wife Angelica, he has two beautiful sons, Francesco and Emanuele, and a foolish dog named Jumpy.