Lenten journey continues

May 28, 2019

This year, 1,000 people committed to eating plant-based meals as part of their practice of Lent. Fasting from meat during Lent is part of our Catholic tradition, and a way to live in the simplicity and humility that Jesus offers us.

We invite everyone to commit to this practice not only during Lent, but throughout the year.

We’ve created a short guide to plant-based meals and the Top 10 Tips to continue eating simply throughout the year. Please take a look–it’s quick and comprehensive, and we think it’s really useful.

Plan to hang these top 10 tips on your cabinets or refrigerator for inspiration throughout the year. Share them with your parish, family, and friends. Use them however it’s best for you–these materials are created to serve Catholic communities like yours, so please feel free to use them freely.