Living the Change

October 28, 2019

We’re grateful to share a free resource that helps improve sustainability in daily life. Living the Change, a free program from our partner GreenFaith, is a simple, easy way to make lifestyle choices that protect creation.

The initiative gives us the tools to make meaningful choices that lessen our consumption in three key areas:

  • Energy Use: Moving to renewable sources such as wind and solar
  • Eco-friendly Transport: Using bikes and public transit to go car-free when possible, and limiting or avoiding air travel
  • Diets: Eating plant-based foods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve human health and avoid harm to other creatures

Living the Change offers resources to build solidarity and fellowship, including a toolkit for community suppers that bring people together for plant-based meals and guided conversation.

Living the Change is one of the ways GCCM helps Catholic communities grow in sustainability. From the nearly 1,100 people who made the choice to eat simply by choosing plant-based meals for Lent to the Catholic institutions that have used our Eco-Parish guide or divested from fossil fuels, Catholic communities around the world are joining the movement to make the practice of sustainability part of the practice of our faith.

Pope Francis has been clear that sustainability requires not only policy change, but personal ecological conversion: “For a correct shift toward a sustainable future, we must recognize our errors, sins, faults and failures, which leads to a heartfelt repentance and desire to change; in this way, we will be reconciled with others, with creation and with the Creator.”

Tomás Insua, GCCM’s executive director, has experienced this change of heart. Tomás worked for social justice in the slums of Buenos Aires, his hometown. He viewed care for the environment as a “luxury” compared to more pressing needs that face people living in poverty. But as he explained in this video, a trip to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines in 2013 changed that. “It helped me see that the climate crisis and climate justice were inseparable from social justice,” he said.

The global membership of Living the Change includes Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Living the Change says, “We want our lives to reflect our values, avoiding excess and embracing sufficiency.” Learn more here.