Season of Creation event

Lead an event

Community leadership is a vital way for people of faith to connect and keep progress on climate change moving forward. All over the globe, neighbors are coming together to share ideas and take concrete actions to protect creation.

Twice per year, the worldwide Catholic community takes action together through simultaneous local events.  Lead a local event alongside people around the world during one of these special moments:

Enrich a large event

The Holy Spirit is moving in the Church.  Volunteer to share the message of Laudato Si’ at large Church events such as pilgrimages and masses led by Pope Francis.

2018 large events in which Laudato Si Volunteers are needed:

  • Mass with Pope Francis in Chile
  • Luján pilgrimage: Argentina, October
  • El Quinche pilgrimage: Ecuador, November
  • Guadalupe pilgrimage: Mexico, December
  • Our Lady of Aperecida pilgrimage: Brazil
  • Cirio de Nazare pilgrimage: Brazil
  • Fatima pilgrimage: Brazil

2017 events:

  • Luján pilgrimage (see highlights here)
  • El Quinche pilgrimage
  • Guadalupe pilgrimage (see highlights here)