More murders in Honduras – Caritas Ecuador, REPAM, and the Honduran Black Fraternal Organization respond, with demands

March 18, 2016

Black and indigenous Hondurans-and most of our Latin America have come together the same way: discrimination, exploitation, violence, poverty, poor education, marginalization. We do not know which of the two stories is sadder. Indians and blacks have built with slave sweat this region and Power has paid them to oblivion. In Honduras, these two cultures have been victims of state and social violence. Berta struggled with his country of African descent, side by side, as women and as indigenous.

Berta Caceres, environmentalist and community leader martyr, today is supported by the OFRANEH (Honduran Black Fraternal Organization). Fraternity, keyword in modern history for their courage in the French Revolution, today is in the hands of a minority, the African who, along with the indigenous, is ruled out for international mining. Berta struggle and the OFRANEH is for life, for its rivers, for their land, for their work.

We stand with the Honduran people and plegamos us demanding requirements.

Then the statement OFRANEH

————— Informative Minga of Social Movements

Press the Honduran Black Fraternal Organization, OFRANEH

Why we mobilize with Berta

Berta has not died. His spirit lives in all the rivers of Honduras and the world who are threatened by a false concept of development for the sanguinary political and business elite, which has an outdated vision and called clean energy to the death of the rivers.

Berta we have walked many paths and in order to defend our territories and cultures, before the devastating attack of neo-liberalism has been one of our most precious links. Common goods we possess indigenous peoples, intended to turn them into goods for auctioning, without the consent of the people, who simply have made us statistics with the possibility of being discarded.

Honduras after the coup has become a political laboratory, where the power elite has used techniques of domestication and macabre social contagion desposeernos and maintain tight control amid the carnage sparked by violence deliberately embedded in our society.

Running Berta is a desperate act of the mafia republic, which could not neutralize their fighting spirit, and defense of the territory of the Lenca people, who try to divide the bankers and businessmen of death. The ideology of the struggle Berta, was the defense of the Lenca territory, culture and empowerment of women.

The central focus of its activities revolved around the Right to Consultation, Previa, Free and Informed. Right that has been spurned by the different government administrations, who have not hesitated to deliver territories and try to auction our cultures.

Berta’s murder, has corroborated his allegations concerning the persecution that both the “authorities” and company executives DESA, maintained for years against them. Now it seems to indicate that his death serves as a pretext to intensify the strategy COPINH destruction and obliteration of their leaders.

We demand:

  • A thorough investigation by an International Independent Panel on the murder of Berta Caceres
  • The immediate departure of the Lenca territory DESA Company and cancellation of concessions for hydroelectric dams, mining, hydrocarbons and Special Areas for Development in indigenous territories.
  • Demilitarization of indigenous territories
  • Freedom without restriction to our brother and fellow Gustavo Castro.
  • Immediate approval of the Law on Prior Consultation free and informed, prepared by the Observatory of Indigenous Peoples, with the direct collaboration of Berta Caceres.
  • Cancellation of inconsultos decrees relating to mining and hydroelectric projects in indigenous territories industries.
  • Review of the Partnership for Prosperity, as a false solution to the immigration conflict.
  • Recognition COPINH as the organization responsible for ensuring their territories.
  • Berta lives and the struggle continues.
  • Sambo Creek, March 17, 2016
  • Honduran Black Fraternal Organization, OFRANEH

Informative Minga of Social Movements


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