Original blessing and dignity of all: From the very beginning, faith, hope, and love are planted deep within our nature—indeed they are our very nature

December 29, 2018

Ed Note:  one of the blessings of the season in addition to all the visiting and celebrating has been to read a book on Saint and Doctor of the Church, Hildegard of Bingen as well as pieces about other Rhineland mystics, creation spirituality, the new cosmology and scientific discoveries of recent decades (Radical Amazement, in the case of the latter.)  Below are summaries of Father Richard Rohr’s reflections this last week.  God bless your Christmas season and new year!  — Marie

By Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

When we see the image of God where we are not accustomed to seeing the image of God, then we see with eyes not our own. (Sunday)

The true and essential work of all religion is to help us recognize and recover the divine image in everything. (Monday)

From the very beginning, faith, hope, and love are planted deep within our nature—indeed they are our very nature (Romans 5:5, 8:14-17). But we have to awaken, allow, and advance this core identity by saying a conscious yes to it and drawing upon it as a reliable and Absolute Source. (Tuesday)

For the planet and for all living beings to move forward, we can rely on nothing less than an inherent original goodness and a universally shared dignity. Only then can we build, because the foundation is strong, and is itself good. (Wednesday)

Some of the early Church Fathers well summarized the nature and purpose of our lives when they said that we are born in the image of God and meant to grow into the full likeness of God. —Tilden Edwards (Thursday)

The rise of contemplative practice today stems . . . from the desire to grow more fully into who we really are. We need to cultivate spiritual communities . . . where there is mutual support, challenge, and practices to foster the lifetime journey from the image to the likeness of God. —Tilden Edwards (Friday)