Pope Francis on laying the groundwork of a future of hope, and then cultivating hope

May 6, 2017

The Pope talked had two themes in his talk to the Pontifical College – preserving memory and cultivating hope.  Here is the conclusion of his remarks.

Preserving memory, then, is not simply remembering the past, but laying the groundwork for the future, for a future of hope. If we do not preserve memory, we end up in the mediocrity of clericalism.

Cultivating hope is my second wish for you. There is so much need to nurture Christian hope, that hope that gives a new outlook, capable of discovering and seeing good, even when it is obscured by evil: “If hope revives our eyes, we will see what is hidden”, wrote St. Ephraim ( Carmen Nisib ., 70). The Acts of the Apostles, which the Liturgy offers us in this Easter season, show how the Church, who lives with faith in the Risen Lord and perseveres in prayer, communion, and charity, never loses sight of this hope and gives it to the world, even when it is without means, misunderstood and opposed.

I wish your home to be a cenacle where the Spirit forms missionaries of hope, contagious bearers of the presence of the Risen Lord, courageous in creativity and never disheartened in the face of problems and lack of means. May the Holy Spirit also inspire in you the desire to seek and promote, with a purified heart, the path of concord and unity among all Christians.

Dear brothers and sisters, while through you, my greeting is intended to reach your major archbishop and the bishops of the Synod, I would also like to address affectionately the students of the Pontifical College of St. Ephraim present here, welcomed by your community welcomes. By meeting you, I think of the situation in which so many faithful find themselves in your lands; many families who are forced to leave their home in the face of waves of violence and suffering. I wish to embrace these brothers and sisters in a special way, together with their Patriarchs and bishops. With them, I invoke the Paschal gift of peace: may Jesus, refuge Who encourages and consoles, “the hope of those without hope” (cf. St. Ephraim, The Second Coming of Our Lord , 24-25), inspire hearts and minds so that ways of reconciliation and good may finally be opened.