Rise resources

August 17, 2018

Pope Francis called for “citizen presence” around the Global Climate Action Summit, an international gathering of nonstate actors committed to solving the climate crisis that will happen in San Francisco, California in a few weeks.

The weekend of September 8, “citizen presence” will take the form of tens of thousands of people marching for climate justice. Marches will be held from Maryland to Mogadishu, and they’re all during the Season of Creation.

We invite you to celebrate the season with a march. This is a wonderful way to bring a faithful perspective to a global initiative. Here’s how:

  • Find out if there’s an event near you on this map.
  • If so, great! You’ll find an address and a time to attend.
  • If not, please consider filling that gap. Host a march in your community. Perhaps you could march around your parish after mass on September 9.
  • Be sure to register as a Season of Creation event and as a march.

These resources will help you make the most of your march on September 8.