Second Christian Ecology Foundation Meets in France

September 17, 2015

More than 1,500 people came together in Saint-Etienne France in late August for the second Christian Ecology Foundation.  Young people finding their voice and activists with graying hair.  Many had been involved in local actions as evidenced by the 80 forums, in which they shared their experience.

Those assembled had an open concept of ecology, hosting round tables on biodiversity, immigration, growth and limits, population, food.  The round table with representatives from different political factions showed some advanced thinking about the limits of our planet.  Unfortunately they are not a majority in the political scene!

The final day was marked by a deep exchange among four representatives of the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jewish faiths, followed by a magnificently moving inter-religious prayer.  The symposium opened with the reading of a message from Cardinal Turkson and three bishops, many priests and deacons concelebrated Mass on Sunday. The institutional Church was well represented, we must now share these messages in the parishes.

Some highlights
Fabien Revol and interpretation of the seventh commandment, Thou shalt not steal, means that those who possess much are the thieves of those who lack the necessities,
Bishop cites Barabarin Claudel: all creation is homogeneous, the seraph the mineral. And charity runs between all its elements.
Christian Krieger, pastor, vice president of the Protestant Federation of France. We reject any apocalyptic logic, any fatality, we confess a creator god. The fear must be crossed as the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea, it is first Moses who said “Do not be afraid.”
Anwar Kbibceh, imam and chairman of the Muslim Faith cites Sura 6-38 “There is no creature on earth that form similar community to you” and adds: If any of you has a date stone and the end of the world comes, that the plant. A prayer on the climate will be organized during Friday prayers in early December in all mosques in France.
Jo Spiegel, Mayor of Kingersheim: There must be a democratic transition as an ecological and energy transition. We need a democracy slow, continuous, permanent.

Arnaud du Crest

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