The ​#PeoplesPilgrimage:  To Beat Climate Change, Every Step Counts

May 17, 2015

To show that the time for talking is over and that the time for action has arrived, people worldwide are joining the People’s Pilgrimage.

Yeb Saño, former Philippine climate change commissioner, Catholic climate change activist, father, nature lover, and revolutionary started the People’s Pilgrimages today in Tacloban.  Around the world, people of faith ​will set out on journeys, big and small, to visit the places at the heart of the climate crisis — to places of hope and resistance, but also to places at risk or already suffering the consequences of a less stable planet.  There is so much to do, that we can do, to help the shifts that are needed for clean energy and justice, worldwide.  Every step counts and the People’s Pilgrimage hopes to inspire and carry forward this message, welcoming the participation of all.

Today, Saño and others are walking 15 km, starting at St. Niño Church and crossing the San Juanico Bridge.  ​@ourvoices2015 and @yebsano are tweeting regular updates and so is the OurVoices facebook page​.  The pilgrims covered 8.4 km in their first 2.5 hours.

Pilgrims about to cross San Juanico Bridge after leaving Tacloban

The People’s Pilgrimage pays tribute to special places and people confronting climate change.  All of us will be impacted, but some of our neighbors, sisters, and brothers are suffering already, more than others.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement will be publishing some of their (and your!) efforts and stories this year, as well as a series of reflections in advance of the encyclical release, expected next month.  Sign the 1.5 C petition with the Pope, if you haven’t already, and share with your friends!