This weekend’s readings: “See that you not be deceived”

November 12, 2016

Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, Pastor, St. Elizabeth’s of Hungary, Ravenna – 12 November 2016  

Some thought they voted for pro-life candidates but did they — if in doing so the vitality of Earth is now threatened?  Trump & Company, who non-profit church people were not to mention by name prior to the election, have won; their promise to undo the Paris Conference on Climate Change and its subsequent Agreement calls for a red alert by those who accept election results but not conclusions.  To promise to return jobs to laid-off coal miners is empty, and those who have sold a public on “Making American Great Again” are artists who have conceived the greatest scam on this vulnerable republic.

Tomorrow, we will hear the strong words in Luke’s Gospel by Jesus, “See that you not be deceived, for many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and ‘The time has come.’ It is to guard against deception of this coming “time” that requires believers in a future and watchful citizens.  To say that voters accept results and that this keeps us democratic as a nation is one thing — but acceptability of election results is different from accepting policy or personality traits of a proven scam artist with false sounding services and so-called universities that milk the poor.  Acceptability means redoubling our efforts to be pro-life and save our planet and all its inhabitants.  To accept is to struggle in every way possible to bring on a renewable energy economy even against scam artists who lie openly in calling climate change a hoax.  Thus in Ravenna we put a solar array on our church and hall.

Yes, I accept that Americans were disturbed and they felt their choices were limited.  But to take immense risks to bring about change calls for accepting the double duty and mandate to defend our true conservative values that include the life and vitality of our planet.  Yes, the billionaires will redouble efforts to enhance fossil fuels by greasing their palms with profits, but we must speak out and say “no” at every one of their steps in gutting EPA regulations, abandoning the Climate Change Agreement and reintroducing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline — bringing tar-sand gunk for export to addicted lands.

Being aware will take a renewed patience and determination, for it will make us testy when former allies are tempting to allow the heartless to get away with planet murder.  Let’s not be so emotionally charged that we lose our energy and become paralyzed before the grandest scam every perpetrated on this fair land.  Do not be deceived!  And in this hour in our Republic’s history make this an opportunity to become truly patriotic.  Stay sober, stay true, stay close to the Lord; try to keep a smile and a sense of humor.   Perhaps, just perhaps, someone may convert a scam artist.  But don’t count on it.  Accept responsibility to be watchful.

Prayer: Lord, help us.