US election: A message from GCCM Associate Director Christina Leaño

November 5, 2020

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This week, voters in the U.S. entered polling places in record numbers. Now, it’s critical that every single vote be counted. Voting is the bedrock of our republic. Only after all our votes are counted will we know whom the American people have chosen to lead. 

Regardless of the outcome, regardless of where we live and how we voted, we will continue to share this common home. With Laudato Si’, we pray that the newly elected president will be “capable of striking out on new paths” that protect the people we love, our children and the most vulnerable above all. 

After all, our families are too precious to be left to politics. And the truth is that while fires rage in the West and storms swamp the South, solutions to the climate crisis already exist. In fact, a growing movement has already changed climate policy in places around the country, in small towns and big cities, on both coasts and across the heartland.

The question is whether our next president will have the courage to lead the country with love. 

Elections are the bedrock of our American tradition. After the last U.S. election, Pope Francis congratulated President Trump and prayed that his decisions would be “guided by the rich spiritual and ethical values that have shaped the history of the American people.” 

At this crucial moment, the next chapters in our history are being written. As we await the results, you’re invited to pray and reflect on the faith that sustains us.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the heart of our next president.


Christina Leaño on behalf of Global Catholic Climate Movement