Watch: conversation on the Amazon

May 3, 2019

Global Catholic Climate Movement and our partners at REPAM, the Amazonian episcopal network, recently hosted a conversation about how Catholics are engaging in the upcoming synod on the Amazon.

Watch the recording here.

Perspective from a leader in Ecuador’s Amazonian region and from REPAM and GCCM were shared. This conversation shares essential perspective on this critical moment for the Church.

As the preparatory document for the synod says, “In the Amazon rainforest, which is of vital importance for the planet, a deep crisis has been triggered by prolonged human intervention, in which a ‘culture of waste’ (LS 16) and an extractivist mentality prevail. The Amazon is a region with rich biodiversity; it is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious; it is a mirror of all humanity.”

Questions from around the world were answered during the conversation.

We invite you to watch the recording here.