What are the Pope, Cardinal Turkson and scientists saying about the action and transition needed?

November 8, 2017

Catholics, Capitalism and Climate – Cardinal Turkson interprets Pope Francis

Cardinal Turkson’s Address on the Moral Challenges to Business and Society

Cardinal Turkson’s comments at Davos, on Business

Cardinal Turkson stresses importance of business embracing the common good rather than profit

Rising risks face by those in the Americas advocating for land, territory and environment rights: criminalisation, surveillance, kidnap and even murder by both State and business actors

On the Vocation of Business Leaders, in Light of Recent Encyclicals

Co-ops and Catholics

Complex, diverse ecosystem supports Kenya’s cooperatives, which employ 63% of Kenyans

Net zero carbon goal is achievable and necessary say Potsdam, Stanford, and Australian researchers

The climate crisis & the insidious hold of dispensationalism: when we conclude that things have to get worse before they’ll get better…

What is “a fair and just transition”?

The stuff we consume contributes up to 60% of GHG and 50-80% of total land, material, and water use

Deception for profit and without regard for harm or culpability – Exxon Mobil used climate science to prepare for its future while simultaneously undercutting the use of climate science for the public interest

What type of culture do we want? One capable of generating renewal and change.  Profit & capital are not a good over and above the human person but should serve the common good

Cardinal Turkson says “huge action needed” and bishops, we all have a duty, “a moral obligation, even a commandment”

The Energy Throwaway Culture

Risk of severe drought in many parts of the world is much higher and more severe than reported

Inspiring a faith that does justice – On the 25th anniversary of Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s death

Water, climate, and energy

Paris agreement good for people and the economy, a step in the right direction

Moral choice and how it stems from identity, sense of context, and world view

Leave it in the ground and rapid decarbonization only way to save climate. Use 1.5 degree target to intensify the decisive battle over the future of fossil fuels

A Culture of Life or a Culture of Death? Climate Change as a Moral Call to Social Transformation

Pope’s “special request: that we take good care of creation — a gift freely given — cultivating and protecting it for future generations. Caring for our common home.”