What Needs to Be Done to Implement Laudato Si’?

October 22, 2015

All around the world, many in the church and outside of the church are taking Laudato Si’ very seriously. In some countries, dioceses, and parishes, the hierarchy is taking it less seriously than those who lack these formal positions, and thus the resources of the church in such places are not available to move forward with what needs to be done.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement took on the task of assembling a clearinghouse of whatever resources we received or could find.

Often it is the frontlines though, who see and experience what is missing, such as incorporation of Laudato Si’ into religious education.  Hence it would be helpful to have a list of what remains to be done (or what hasn’t been found or shared yet).  Your input is needed.  If you would like to contribute to such an effort, please send a note to marie (at) catholicclimatemovement.org with IMPLEMENTING LAUDATO SI’ in the subject line.  One possibility may be to develop an ongoing list or outline in a shared google document.