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Working Groups help execute part of GCCM programs on a more operational basis by supporting the work of the Steering Committee and Secretariat. They are comprised of individuals who have relevant expertise or experience to support the goals of the group.

Please note that unless noted, working groups are conducted in English–both fluent English speakers and those who are learning English are welcome to apply.


This working group is also available in Spanish. The eco-spirituality working group helps Catholics explore and deepen their faith and integrate Laudato Si’ into Church teaching and practice. Help with programs like Laudato Si’ retreats, Laudato Si’ circles, a Laudato Si’ hymnal, and liturgical resources. Contact Christina Leaño, [email protected] and Fabián Campos [email protected]

Eco-conversion programs

Help bring campaigns devoted to eco-spirituality to life.

  • Season of Creation, Catholic perspective Collaborate with Catholic partners on the Season of Creation. Contact Amy Echeverria, [email protected]
  • Synod on the Amazon This working group is also available in Spanish. Develop and share materials to support the upcoming Synod on the Amazon with the theme New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology. Contact Ann Marie Brennan, [email protected] and Fabián Campos [email protected]
  • Laudato Si’ Institutes Develop educational programs for higher education Contact Jacqui Remond, [email protected]


Help Catholic institutions around the world reduce their emissions while deepening their practice of the faith. As a real driver of change, you’ll participate in programs like reviewing draft reductions targets, providing critical feedback on resources, and advising on technical decisions.  Contact Laura Noctor-King, [email protected]

Laudato Si’ Generation

This group of young leaders mobilizes young Catholics for climate justice. Launched at World Youth Day in Panama, programs include Climate Strikes, fossil fuel divestment, and young Animators. Contact Doménica Reyes, [email protected] and Richard Apeh, [email protected]

Grassroots advocacy

Help the global Catholic community lift a prophetic voice for change. Empower people and groups to advocate for change to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees. Identify powerful actions, make resources for local advocacy, and incorporate community organizing into campaigns like the Season of Creation.  Contact Marianne Comfort, [email protected] and Marisa Vertrees, [email protected]

Global climate policy

Coordinate Catholic engagement in the Paris Agreement. This working group is co-organized by CIDSE, Caritas Internationalis, and Franciscans International. This group is open to representatives of Catholic institutions.  Contact Fabián Campos, [email protected]

Fossil fuel divestment

Bring together the Catholic leaders and organizations who are advancing the divestment campaign. The group is a space for coordination for important milestones and events, plus sharing and strategizing. The group has one call per semester plus email sharing.Contact Svitlana Romanko, [email protected]

Living the Change

Support this interfaith initiative, coordinated by GreenFaith, to advance sustainable lifestyles through joint resources and initiatives. Contact Laura Noctor-King [email protected]

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For more information about each working group, please see our complete overview here.